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Transalp Tour

Transalp Tour


25 June 2022

Transalp Tour | BERTOLDI GROUP SRL di Bertoldi Martina

The TOUR Transalp is certainly the most famous and spectacular cycling race in all of Europe.
This is a 7-stage road bike race for individuals and couples, now in its 18th edition. A unique event of its kind in terms of structure and organization. Over the course of a week, the participants, on their two wheels, cross the Alps, overcoming imposing mountains, exciting roads and unexpected passes.

This year the 18th edition will start from Lake Resia on 19 June and will end in Arco on Saturday 25 June
About 1000 participants from 35 nations will compete in 7 daily stages for a total of about 600 kilometers and 16,000 meters of elevation gain


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